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Season of Lycian way!

Lycian way is 540 km from Fethiye to Antalya which is in southern Turkey. It takes approximately 29 days on foot. The way is the first long distance walking route in Turkey. Furthermore, it is shown amongs the best 10 walking tracks in the World. There are 19 ancient cities on Lycian Way such as Letoon ancient city, Xanthos ancient city, Antiphellos ancient city, Olympus ancient city and so on. There can be two recommendation before the walkin on lycian way; firstly you should read the 'Lycian Way' Kate Clow and you can download ''Lycian Way' application on your smartphones.

The best months for walking are April – May and September – October. And Yuva Eco Holiday Centre arrange two walking weeks on this Lycian way! First walking week is going to be on 15th - 22nd April and other one is on 21st - 28th October, 2019. We are going to walk on Lycian way, visit valleys, beaches, take cooking class, do excursion boat trip under the guidance of Atilla Sevilmiş who is founder of Yuva Eco Holiday Centre.

For reservation and more informations you may send e-mail following address:


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