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Jiva Healing & Healthy Eating Detox Retreat

Rebecca Andrist

We have welcomed Rebecca Andrist for 12 years. She organize weekly detox programs combined by yoga and massages in different months each year.Those that attend the these programs have both mentally resting and cleansing their toxins.

Rebecca Andrist is the co-founder of Jiva Healing, and has been running healthy eating, detox and yoga retreats in the UK and abroad since 2004. She is a qualified Nutritional Advisor, Yoga teacher and Massage Therapist who has worked in healing centres in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Thailand and the United States before starting her own business. Her healing work ranges across yoga, meditation, bodywork, nutrition, exercise, mind-body healing and colon care. She strives to inspire and motivate all guests to live happy and healthy lives and impart the necessary tools in order to achieve this.


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