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One day in Yuva

We always mention about how beautiful Yuva is and about its nature. So, you come to Yuva with a group or independently. How do you spend your time in one day? What can you do? What possibilities do you have? If you attend a retreat week, you generally have a daily program but if you come independently?

So,we would like to talk about one day in Yuva. First of all, you should wake up early. Actually, you will wake up early any way because you will have already slept very well thanks to fresh air. After waking up, you can take a walk in the forest and listen to silence. You will have wonderful, fresh, natural breakfast. Also, of course your lunch and dinner are fresh, natural and consist of vegetarian foods. You will feel more healthy! During day, in your free time, you can go our rocky beach and swim or sunbathe. If you prefer, you can take a massage or read a book at our reception area which is in the forest or rest in the hammock. After dinner, you can buy a glass of wine and watch stars.

We always guarantee that you will find peace in Yuva!


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