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Yoga Teachers and their retreat groups who are welcomed by Yuva - Clive Sheridan

We has welcomed many precious yoga teachers and their retreat groups almost for 20 years that is why we would like to sometimes mention about these teachers in Yuva’s blog.

We would like to begin with Clive Sheridan!

A lot of people who are especially interested with yoga know him. We met with Clive Sheridan in 2014 and we has been welcomed him and his students each year since 2014. Clive’s retreat groups are generally big groups which are approximately 30 students and he combines the delights of Hatha Yoga with a challenging & transformative cocktail of "inner teachings" which arise from his spiritual background of both Tantra & Advaita. These non-dual traditions when merged in subtle union are the "Shakti & Shiva" - the "Heart & Mind" of Yoga. He calls us to lovingly awaken to our potential to "go beyond the mind".

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