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Doing Yoga in the Nature

There are many physical and mental usefulness of doing yoga in the nature. Sometimes we all may have depressif , stressful and anxious days that we accept them normal whether we are aware or not. Doing yoga in the nature make you happier and healthier. Some usefulness of amazing views, fresh air, smell and voice of nature is listed below.

- Energy and durableness of your body increase and your muscles get stronger and have more flexibility. Reach deep breath and fresh oxygen increase their happiness. - Risk of cardiac diseases, blood pressure, cholesterol are reduced. - More relax and uninterrupted sleep is waiting for you in the nature. - Doing yoga in the nature provide nature therapy that is why your depression, bad thoughts, stress and anxious will reduce. You have calmness, stillness and peace. - According to studies, mind get stronger and ability of creativity and focusing increase. - You get a chance being out of traffic, daily hassle, buildings and you have a broad perspective. - Your feelings get stronger, mental energy increase so you can be in the moment and you can feel that you live. - When you come back your routine life, you will begin more productive, happier and healthier life.

Yuva Eco Holiday Centre is waiting for you to begin this new life together. Secluded and as close to nature as you can get, yoga retreats at Yuva provide you with an environment where their focus can be turned inward.


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