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Yoga Holidays in Turkey - Author Atilla Sevilmis

October 20, 2016

The Yuva project was created with tireless energy of the woodpecker.  The land was blessed by the Sun. Over many years many students flew from this land from the teachings. Throughout this period of enlightenment, my family and I contributed with our lovingly prepared natural foods. We all danced together and sang songs.

When we started Yoga Holidays in Turkey in the year of 1994 we were one of the first eco-tourism center in Turquoise Coast Turkey. Initially, nor in the world did not begin yoga tourism or yoga holidays in Turkey. In that time in Yuva Eco Holiday Centre we had a platform for those who want to do yoga, but this was not a place that serves regularly.


Our first goal was to prepare with more vegetarian and vegan macrobiotic contents, also delicious meals with organic ingredients for our guests. Nutrition that day has been one of the most important value for us and I think still it is.  At the end of the 90s the demands by developing the concept of yoga in the world has moved farther than nutrition and also yoga Holidays in Turkey. Our accommodation Facilities became more comfortable, we established large areas with luxury Yurts and Anatolian Houses in Yuva Eco Holiday Centre, even the development of our yoga platform we can understand the fact, in 1998 the space was 30 m2 today is 120 m2 in total.


Today we are still developing our venue and also eco tourism and yoga holidays in Turkey by protecting the nature without being greedy for other people that involves with  yoga holidays in Turkey and Faralya as Yuva Eco Holiday Centre we try to be a good model for everyone ; wolves, falcons and owls and more who seek the beauty and spirit of Yuva, and this will remain so till my heart stops beating.

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Yoga Holidays in Turkey - The History

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