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Yoga Holiday Prices - Author Firat Sevilmis

October 19, 2016

How to be the best known yoga venue ? What services should provide a Yoga Hotel in Top 10 in the world? What should Yoga Venue Prices be?


In Yuva Eco Holiday Centre we try to make it unforgatteble. Our guests usually spent one week in our world wide known Yoga Venue and all we do is try to provide all the factors that will enable the mind and body relaxation.  These factors are enough space for everyone, to be out of town in the nature and make sure noone or nothing is noisy except them. Yuva Eco Holiday Centre offers services in a first class yoga holiday with a good system, caring about the small problems that can happen like we do care about our family is spending the holidays there. At the same time we give the feeling to our teachers that hired our venue that Yuva Eco Holiday Centre is the most affordable yoga retreat in the world. Because as a the longest established venue we know that even World known Yoga teachers will often comes with guests with middle-class revenue.


But How Yoga Venue Prices be? Tecnically Yoga Venue Prices needs to protect the yoga teacher from the agencies that sees yoga holidays only a source of revenue. If a Yoga teacher hire a venue in Turkey Yoga Venue Price will be the approximately 400 USD / 300 GBP / 350 EUR per person / per week Half Board excluding the flights. This is aproximately same in all the Venues in Turkey. If they prefer to work with an ageny, the agency will pay them around 150 USD / 100 GBP / 120 EUR per person for a week.


The difference you pay for a yoga holiday except the result above will be the agency fee but not the actual cost of  the retreat centre. The fact is that you pay this margin for agency image, facebook photos, the brand name and the image. And you do not take any additional services for it. Because mainly all Turkish yoga hotels or Turkish yoga retreat centers or Turkish venues  now they know how to manage and organize managing a yoga week from the beginning to the end including the transfer and finance organisation without any language problem and long experience.

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Yoga Holiday Prices

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