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Turquoise beauty, Ölüdeniz (blue lagoon)

Turquoise beauty, Ölüdeniz (blue lagoon)

Beauty of Ölüdeniz was officially registered in 2006 and it was chosen as the most beautiful beach in the World with 82% vote. History of Ölüdeniz goes long way back. It was called as “Light and Sun” by Lycians and was known as “distant land” in the middle age. Ölüdeniz is quite calm and waveless. It looks like a lake. Although it occurs big waves at the close beaches in stormy winter days, Ölüdeniz is always calm. Its the most important feature is that it seems like a glass. Ölüdeniz is 8 miles away from Eco Yuva Holiday Centre and we arranges trips for Ölüdeniz. If you would like to swim on the Ölüdeniz beach or have a chance to stand up paddle surfing in the blue lagoon or take a boat trip, Yuva is offering all of these options for you…


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