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The Ghost Village ‘Kayaköy’

Once you check ‘Things to do’ at Yuva’s website, you see there a ghost village which is called as Kayaköy. We arrange trips for this historical village during accommodation of our guests. Well, what is this village’s history and what does make it special?

Its history began in 11th century (It is 14th century at some resources). Kayaköy is established on the ruins of a Lycian city which is Karmylassos by Greeks and they were calling here as ‘Levissi’. Actually we may not just say here is a village because approximately 25.000 people were living at Kayaköy until 20th century and it was centre of trade during that times. On the other hand, Kayaköy was managed in the status of municipality with other 5 villages around it in Ottoman period.

After of Liberty War, Turkey and Greece entered into an agreement that is why Greeks who live in Kayaköy and Turkish people who live in Western Thrace changed their places. However, Turkish people could not fit here and they leaved from Kayaköy. As a consequence, Kayaköy turned into a ruin over time.

Kayaköy was adopted by the UNESCO as a World Friendship and Peace Village. There are approximately 500 houses, 2 churches, 9 chapels, schools, hospital, library and crafts workshops even if all is ruin.

Tips: You should visit upper church which is known its visual richness and is established on the hill in the middle of village. This geometric church has pink coated walls. Another church is in the lower part which is protected better than upper church because it is used as a mosque in the 60’s.


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