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Frequently Asked Questions

We collected our guests’ questions and made frequently asked questions list.

1. What are the seasonal weather conditons ? May 16 - 30C, June 20 - 32C, July – August about 20 - 36C, September 20 - 32C, April & October 18 - 28C, November 16 - 28C. At night temperatures can fall a little lower, but are still pleasant.

2. Do you have transfer service?

Yes, we have transfer service with extra charge.

3. Which airport is the closest one and how long is it from Yuva? The closest airport is Dalaman airport. The journey to Yuva takes about 1hr 30mins from Dalaman.

4. How is your location?

Yuva is deep in rural Turkey, near Faralya, a small community of about 600 people, spread over several kilometres of mountainside. This is a rich agricultural area with terraces of fruit, vegetables and grain, cut into the steep mountains overlooking the sea. There are no shops and no other restaurants, apart from Yuva. Limited shopping and plenty of restaurants, bars and the main tourist beaches are at Ölüdeniz over 8 miles away, 25 minutes by car, bus or taxi. Yuva has a beautiful, secluded rocky cove in which to bathe, with access to the water.

5. What does the centre offer us? You may enjoy our local wine and local foods or you may take massage therapy and read a book you want from the library at the centre. Also, we have extra trips for our guests and you may find them in the ' Things to do' at our website.


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