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Butterfly Valley

Our guests’ irreplaceable activity is visiting Butterfly valley and climb down into the this valley when they accomodate at Yuva. Butterfly valley is located in Fethiye – Ölüdeniz and 2 km’s away from our centre. A wide-strip sand beach at a bay on the Turkish Riviera protrudes from the valley. Two small waterfalls dropping from 60 m especially spring season in Faralya Village reaches Mediterranean with a stream that passes through the middle of the valley. This valley has steep rocky walls which are 350-400 m high and takes its name from the large number butterfly species found here, especially jersey tiger.Scientists recorded some 147 flora species belonging to 54 families and 105 butterfly species from 15 families native to the valley. History of Butterfly Valley date back some time 4th century b.c. Some ruins of Lycia’s City ‘Perdicia’ is located above of Butterfly Valley. This village is called as ‘Faralya’. Today, the name of the village is ‘Uzunyurt’. Because Butterfly valley has endemic species, World Heritage Foundation suggested to protect it.This valley which is located foothills of a Babadağ mountain was declared as grade 1 natural site area on 8th February 1995 and it was closed for settlement.


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