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Retreat Weeks with Clive Sheridan for 4 Years!

Eco Yuva Holiday center hosts many yogis group with precious yoga teachers since 1998. Clive Sheridan is one of them. He has begun his retreat weeks at our centre 4 years ago and it will continue next years. We have already reserved his week in 2019!

So, who is Clive Sheridan? Clive Sheridan is teaching embodiment of wisdom and love with his unique style. He has depth of philosophical knowledge and is fun-loving person and engaged in life. Clive Sheridan was born in the UK and has been practicing Hatha Yoga since the late 60s and started teaching by the late 70s. He teached many years in India and around the planet and then settled 10 years ago in the Northern Rivers of NSW with his partner Miranda.

He combines the delights of Hatha Yoga with a challenging & transformative cocktail of "inner teachings" which arise from his spiritual background of both Tantra & Advaita. These non-dual traditions when merged in subtle union are the "Shakti & Shiva" - the "Heart & Mind" of Yoga. He calls us to lovingly awaken to our potential to "go beyond the mind". He will have being at our centre for 5 years by 2019.

We are looking forward to see him, again!

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